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Gulf Coast Ceremonies

An inclusive, ordained wedding officiant offering customized wedding ceremonies for traditional, short-notice, elopement, LGBTQIA+, non-denominational, themed, non-religious, and alternative wedding styles.

Serving the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle out of Pensacola, FL.

MEet MElaNYa

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Melanya has been an ordained wedding officiant through the Universal Life Church since 2017. She is an advocate for love of all kinds and supports breaking the bounds of tradition- if you can dream it, go for it! It's YOUR wedding.

The wedding ceremony is often the most intimate part of a wedding and so it should be special and meaningful to you and your partner. Melanya is here to help make that happen for you with a selection of carefully crafted ceremonies to choose from, customizing a ceremony to include important elements, or by writing a fully personalized ceremony just for you!

(Pictured right: Melanya helping construct a native flower bouquet for a friend's marriage in Hawai'i, 2021)

Ceremony Packages

Short and Sweet

from $200


  • 15 minute customization phone call
  • Selection from a collection of pre-written ceremonies
  • Inclusion of 1 symbolic gesture (exchanging of rings, handfasting, candles, etc.)
  • Personalized with names and up to 2 lines of text modification- add something special or re-word something to suit your preferences
  • Officiant present for the wedding date and time

A Little Flair

from $350


  • 30 minute customization phone call
  • Customization from a selection of pre-written ceremonies
  • Inclusion of 2 symbolic gestures (exchanging of rings, handfasting, candles, etc.)
  • Personalized with names and up to 2 sections of custom text inclusion such as quotes, personal stories, references, etc.
  • Officiant present for the wedding date and time

The Works

from $500


  • 60 minute customization phone call
  • Full custom written ceremony! You tell me what you want and I'll write it into the ceremony (as long as it's legal)
  • Inclusion of however many symbolic gestures you please (exchanging of rings, handfasting, candles, etc.)
  • Inclusion of quotes, references, personal stories, etc. (For example, if you want a Star Wars themed wedding, I can include quotes, references, and small gestures scattered throughout the ceremony)
  • Officiant present for the wedding date and time


Asked Questions

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Where can I get married?

Any public land or private land, as permitted by the owner.

Do you handle the paperwork for us?

No. The applicants are required to apply in person for their marriage license.

Do I need witnesses?

No. Witnesses are not legally required on a Florida, Alabama, or Mississippi marriage license. However, you can include them if you wish!

How much does a marriage license cost?

$93.50 in Florida; $40-104 in Alabama; and, $37 in Mississippi.

Are there differences for state residents vs. out of state residents?

Not really. Only in Florida and the difference is a 3 day waiting period for Florida residents from the date the marriage license is issued, unless the couple took a pre-martial course. Alabama and Mississippi do not have waiting periods.

Step 1: Go to the County Clerk of Courts to get your Marriage License

Both people getting married must go to a County Clerk of Courts Office in the state you will hold the ceremony in to obtain a marriage license; the couple does not need to be residents of the state but will need drivers license or other proof of ID and know their social security number.

Step 3: Get Married!

In Florida, the marriage license is valid for 60 days and Mississippi has no expiration. Bring your marriage license to the ceremony as Melanya will have to sign it and complete a few sections after preforming the ceremony. *In Alabama, they no longer use a marriage license but a marriage certificate affidavit- the couple will just need to sign it, have it notarized, and return it to a Clerk of Courts for filing within 30 days of the wedding date.*

Step 3: Return Completed Marriage License to the Clerk of Courts

Bring your signed marriage license back to the Clerk of Courts for filing and recording and your marriage certificate will be issued! Congratulations! There is no formal time frame specified for returning the paperwork but it is generally advised that the couple do so as soon as possible after the ceremony.

obtaining your marriage license

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destination wedding arch with flower decoration

Extra Mileage Charge

If your wedding venue lies outside a 30 mile radius from Saufley Field in Pensacola, FL, and additional 35 cents per mile will be added.

Destination wedding on the beachfront of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


If you wish Melanya to be present at the rehearsal, an additional charge of $50-100 will apply depending on time and loction.

Themed Attire

If you are committed to a theme and wish Melanya to wear a very particular costume/attire for the wedding the cost of the attire must be covered.

Schedule a free 15 minute phone call to discuss your ideal ceremony with Melanya

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Call or text: (352) 559-5961

Email: Gulfcoastofficiant@gmail.com